Representing Employees whose employer is Insolvent

Nadav Mayost – Law Firm specializes in representing employees in order to exercise their rights in cases where an employer's company liquidation is required due to insolvency.

Over the last few years, our law firm has become the leading office at this area of practice, while representing thousands of employees that worked at companies of different disciplines, that encountered difficulties.

Our firm's services in this regard include various parameters, such as submitting a request of liquidation to the relevant court, request to appoint our firm as temporary liquidator when necessary, submitting debt claims In order to utilize the employees' rights and representing them to the officiate that checks the debt claims and to the National Insurance Institute, until the employees receive the payment to their bank accounts.

The firm's vast experience and daily practice representing employees who's employer is insolvent yield our clients significant achievements, when often receive higher amounts then they except.

Adv. Nadav Mayost has been appointed as liquidator and special administrator of various companies in this sort of cases, when at times operated the companies for sale purposes and increasing the liquidation fund in order to pay the employees debts, as preferential rights creditors at liquidation procedures.

Among our clients are the employees of companies of a variety of spheres, including security and cleaning employees, technology and high-tech employees, industrial plants' employees, food networks' employees, clothing and fashion networks' employees, communication companies employees, etc.