Real Estate

Nadav Mayost - Law Firm represents buyers and sellers in various real estate transactions at a broad geographical scope.

Thus, our firm represents both buyers and sellers of private as well as business assets, contractor as well as second-hand deals.

Our firm represents clients at NOP 38 procedures – entrepreneurs as well as home owners at relevant buildings. Our firm also represents acquires at acquisition groups, acquires groups at contractors' acquisition deals, urban renewal, etc.

Our firm represents winners at different "Buyer's Price" projects, in which our legal services include checking the entrepreneur's winning documents, checking the contract and its appendixes and conducting changes as possible, with emphasis that the acquires' capita will be secured according to the law, and that the acquires will get the full consideration, and more.

Our firm also represents clients at Transfer of title transactions, Spouse transfer transactions and Inheritance transactions, as well as preparing lease contracts and ejectments.

Our firm represents our client from their decision moment to make a transaction up until it's successfully registered at the land registry office.